The Sole Concept

Sole Athens is established and constructed by devoted sneaker enthusiasts, originating from the heart of Athens. We recognized a void in the sneaker culture in Greece, specifically the absence of a physical store that truly embodies a passion for sneakers. This realization led to the creation of Sole Athens. With extensive experience and knowledge deeply rooted in the global sneaker culture, coupled with our purpose-built location, Sole Athens is introducing Denmark to the essence of sneaker culture.

At Sole Athens, our driving force stems from years of longing for sneakers. This means that we not only stay engaged with every exciting new release but also curate sneakers with a rich history. We bring forth what is rarely seen on the streets – the finest, most extensive, and highly coveted sneakers from around the world.


Every single pair of sneakers we offer is guaranteed to be 100% authentic. Since 2018, we have successfully sold tens of exclusive sneakers, placing the utmost importance on ensuring that all our customers can confidently receive genuine footwear. In a world where replicas abound, distinguishing between authentic and counterfeit sneakers can be incredibly challenging. However, you can rely on our team of expert authenticators who meticulously verify the legitimacy of every shoe we carry. For added peace of mind, we welcome you to visit our store and have your sneakers undergo a thorough legitimacy check.

The Sole Team

Sole Athens houses a committed team, prepared to assist you at every step. Our staff includes knowledgeable in-store sneaker specialists and expert authenticators, providing you with a comprehensive support system. Successfully operating an exclusive sneaker store like ours demands not only a comprehensive understanding of the latest weekly releases but also a deep knowledge of the stories accompanying each pair. When you venture into our store, we are dedicated to sharing these narratives and intriguing tidbits about the sneakers, enriching your experience with fascinating details that may not be easily accessible online. Our goal is to ensure that your visit transcends the act of purchasing sneakers, immersing you in the captivating realm of sneaker culture.